Zonnett launches 'Zero water car wash' campaign in Mumbai

March 21, 2016: Zonnett, a startup in the auto repairs and services market in Mumbai, has launched an innovative campaign, ‘Zero water car wash’ to fight against wastage of water.

“Water is a precious resource that is depleting day by day and the statistics are dangerously low,” said Abhijit Saxena, CEO, Zonnett. “Zero water car wash solution helps in preventing one of the biggest crisis of water shortage that we face in the near future. We are focusing on saving water through our campaign which is targeted towards residential societies in Mumbai. Also, we will be introducing other doorstep modules soon for our customers.”

The campaign has been successfully run over a large number of residential societies across Mumbai in the last couple of months and has managed to save over 7 lakh litres of water, he claims.

According to Saxena, the auto repair and service market is currently fragmented and unorganised. “It is a difficult task for a car owner to find a trusted car service provider at an affordable price,” he noted. “We realised that there is a huge price gap between the authorised dealers and the local garages, and how difficult it is for a car owner to find a trusted service centre that does not charge an exorbitant amount.”

Zonnett has a Mumbai wide network of car service centres to cater to any need of customers, who can access any service from anywhere, with the Zonnett team or the network of service centres providing assistance.