So, we compiled a list of the Top 8 most fun-to-ride motorcycles in India based on our own riding experiences about two weeks back. As expected, there were reactions left, right and centre. Some of you agreed with our list whole heartedly while some declared the list to be rubbish. Rest of them posted random comments about the Tata Ace.Weird. So, since we’re a democracy, we thought it would be nice to ask you what your top 8 motorcycle were. After nearly 15 days of polling on Facebook, here are the results –

The poll is still open and you can vote here after ‘Liking’ our Facebook page.

Number 8 –
The Hero Honda Karizma ZMR at 34 votes
Unexpected, at least for us. A definite yes for the first generation Karizma from our end, not so much the latter one but there you go – the people’s choice.
Surprisingly, the newly launched CBR250R placed just below this with 31 votes, but that’s only because it has just been launched and not enough people have ridden it to comment on its abilities.

Hero Honda Karizma vs Bajaj Pulsar 220 - The big huns

Number 7 –
Yamaha RD350 at 43 votes
Now, we made it a point to cover only production bikes in our BSM list but since so many people have voted for the older generation motorcycles, it would be only proper to include the legendary Yamaha RD350 in our list. BSM absolutely adores the legendary RD and we just can’t get enough of it. To this day.

Yamaha RD350 - Demonic Resurrection



Number 6 –
TVS Apache RTR180 at 46 votes
Spot on with our take on it, the TVS Apache RTR180 placed 6th on both the lists. Good going, TVS. When do we get to see a yummy bigger displacement Apache?

TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS - No Slip-ups

Number 5 –
Yamaha R15 at 47 votes
Everyone agrees that the Yamaha R15 is huge fun.
Review said - ‘The Yamaha YZF-R15 is a landmark in our history. Yes, I am going to compare it to the RD350, because I do think that the RD350 has, finally, been succeeded. Not superseded, but succeeded. Where the RD350 thrilled us with its abundant power and character, the R15 has that charm, and a level of all-round ability that we have never seen before’

Yamaha R1 and R15 - R and R


Number 4 –
Kawasaki Bajaj Ninja 250R at 49 votes
Yes, it is expensive but what it delivers is magnificence. Incredibly fun-to-ride with a balanced chassis and a motor that eggs you on to push harder and harder. A proper Kawasaki, it definitely is.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 R vs Ford Fiesta S - Colours of Speed

Number 3 –
Yamaha RX100 at 65 votes
Another out-of-production motorcycle makes it to the top 3 and it is the legendary RX100. Generations have enjoyed this little two-stroker and memories of its lithe handling and enjoyable powerband are still fresh in our heads.

  Yamaha RX100 & Bajaj Pulsar 150 - Different strokes

Number 2 –
Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSF-I at 66 votes
Clearly, Bajaj has impressed the crowds with the bang-for-the-buck 220. It’s got grunt, looks and handling but at a  price point that’s hard to anyone to match.

Fastest Indian - Pulsar 220 vs RD-350

Number 1 –
Royal Enfield Classic 500 at a whooping 172 votes
Yes, 172 votes. That’s almost 3 times the votes of the motorcycle at No.2. Royal Enfield really has got quite a thing going with the new Classic 500, winning hearts of enthusiasts the world over. Our most fun-to-ride motorcycle is your most fun-to-ride motorcycle. We’re already getting reports that the Royal Enfield fan club is out on the streets celebrating.


  Royal Enfield Classic 500 - The Thump is Back!