You Know What - Tyres Produce Electricity! Goodyear Reveals BH-03

Goodyear have showcased two new cutting edge concept tyres at the Geneva Motor Show. One of the two is the BH-03 concept that puts the future of an alternator at stake as it produces electricity. While the other, Triple Tube Concept, threatens the carrier of the adaptive suspension technology as it can adapt to changing road conditions. Both these concepts attracted widespread appreciation from spectators. 

Though both of these concepts are nowhere near production or even research, as Goodyear says, let’s see how this innovation aspires towards reality.

How the ‘BH-03’ works?

The electricity developing rubber is composed of ultra black texture present on its unearthly tread to absorb light or heat. To convert this heat it will utilize a thermo / piezoelectric material that will not only convert this absorbed heat but also the heat generated from the friction of moving tyres. Moreover, the outer walls gets special cooling system to keep the heat well controlled.

How the ‘Triple Tube’ Works?

This tyre concept if executed will work in conjunction with the adaptive suspension system or even without. It will be housing three parallel tubes, all running along the inner periphery of the tread. These three tubular rings will be controlled differently according to the maneuver the car is making. Like if the vehicle is taking a right turn the rightmost tube will inflate to provide a suitable bank, these tyres will also minimize the risk of hydroplaning. Speaking of its compound, Goodyear will be using rice husk ash silica if it makes it to production/research. There will be a main air chamber below the three above mentioned control chambers and the frequent change in ride will be controlled by a compressor playing around with the pressure. 

Source : CarDekho