Yamaha Stryker- Stryke Three


The Yanks love their raked out cruisers and after Honda with the Fury, Yamaha is the latest to cash in on the market with the 2011 Stryker. First and foremost, for any self-respecting cruiser aficionado in the US of A to swing his/her leg over the bike, it needs to be super low. Ironically, Americans are quite tall on  average, but that’s another matter altogether.

The Stryker will satisfy most, with a seat height of a mere 26.4 inches and an obese 210-series rear piece of rubber. A raked front end rolls on 21 inch wheels, shrouded with real steel fenders, no less. The 1304cc V-twin sports fuel injection and dual counterbalancers that should do a lot to make it butter smooth.

Now, unlike most home-made shed jobs, the Stryker promises to be a pretty competent handler so that you don’t need to take a U-turn the moment the twisties arrive. A relatively fast, custom styled, agile and refined cruiser – now what will they think of next?