Yamaha Saluto disc brake costs INR 60,000 (on-road)

Yamaha launched the Saluto with front disk brake. Further cementing its position in the 125 cc commuter segment, the disk brake version of Yamaha Saluto will also get a new look in terms of color and sporty graphics. The new Yamaha Saluto comes in four new attractive colors, Glory Green, Bold Blue, Dashing White and Majestic Red and will be available at all Yamaha authorized dealers across India.

The new 125cc Salutos specs remain unchanged with the same Air cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC, 2- Valve engine based on the Blue Core Engine Development ideal. The lightest weight in its class at 113 kg, the Saluto boasts of a mileage of 78 kmpl. The new model has disk brake for better control and reliability and sporty graphics which adds to the dynamic styling. The new Saluto will be manufactured by Yamaha Motor's group company, IYM (India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.) and sold by YMIS (Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd.).

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Roy Kurian, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. said: It has been our hallmark to continually innovate our products to have a strong connect with our customer base and ensure utmost customer delight. The new Saluto is aimed to provide safer and more controlled biking experience for the city traffic conditions. The same will be available in vibrant color schemes and graphics to boost sales and create more excitement amongst customers.

The Indian Motorcycle market constitutes about 68% of the total two-wheeler market at 11 million units. Out of this, the 100-125cc motorcycle class is the largest category at 9 million units, comprising almost 83% of the market. This is due to the economical nature of the category (including fuel efficiency and prices) and its practicality as it is highly praised by those purchasing a motorcycle for the first time, for pillion use, or for sharing with the family. The new Saluto is intended to expand sales in the largest demand category in India by offering one of the best fuel economy performances in the 125cc class. We are again very bullish on the new product which we believe will help us maintain the strong growth numbers we have witnessed in the last few years. He added further.

Yamaha Saluto has been designed keeping in mind the needs expressed by the 125cc class customers and that included a priority on fuel economy, along with affordable pricing, a want for a 125cc bike because of the lack of performance with 100cc or 110cc class bikes, a desire for a model with a discreet (composed) look befitting a family bike, practicality and designs that are different from existing models, and a priority also on the look and feel of quality. In response to these market needs, the new Saluto was developed around the concept of an Economical & Practical Indian Family Motorcycle. Its utility as seen by the company lies in the shared usage in the family for commuting, tandem riding, shopping trips and other local errands.

Source : MotorOctane