Yamaha FZ25 thats the next 250cc bike for India - EXCLUSIVE

Yamaha is looking at introducing the new 250cc FZ25 bike in India and this will be the next major bike 250cc for the company. As even TVS and BMW are gearing up with a 310cc motorbikes, Yamaha will also want to be in this segment to challenge the competition. The FZ25 will be a new bike that will be competing with the other 250cc bikes. The Japanese bike manufacturer has plans to get the 250cc bike in a naked version.

This will be the companys new bike along with the 250cc naked version and for the 300cc there is the R3 already. The FZ25 will be priced at about INR 1.7 lakhs (on-road) and this will make it a great bike to consider. Yamaha has been planning to introduce a 110cc bike in India after the 125cc Saluto. The Japanese automaker is taking the top down approach and what is exciting is how the brand is also looking at adding more commuter bikes and at the same time even including more sports bikes. The company wants to cater to both these segments.

This engine will churn about 46bhp of power and will be coming with a six-speed manual transmission. The naked bikes in 250cc only has the Kawasaki Z250 at the moment.

Source : MotorOctane