Yamaha FZ 16 vs Bajaj Pulsar 150 - Show offs


The Pulsar 150 was the 150 cc king and it still sells well thanks to the brand that it has become. It is a good motorcycle, but it's rivals have caught up and surpassed it in terms of overall performance. It has been around for a long time now and looks like the rest of the Pulsar family, so you are unlikely to get second looks wherever you go. It comes with a digital speedo which incorporates the fuel gauge, trip and odometer functions. Also available are backlit switches and an LED tail light which the FZ does without. The FZ is miles ahead of the Pulsar when it comes to dynamic behaviour. Both ride and handling are superior to the Pulsar's thanks to the beefy cycle parts and stiff chassis. The Pulsar rides well, but high speed handling is not a patch on that of the FZ. At city speeds though, you will have nothing to complain about; the Pulsar steers quickly and precisely into gaps. If you want a value for money commuter, the Pulsar still makes sense. If you want the better bike, go for the FZ.