Yamaha Enticer - Entice Maiden

After the international look Libero, it’s the turn of the Enticer, our Bike Of The Year to receive an update. Meet the new,fully-loaded Enticer. As you can see, the Cocktail Red colour scheme is smashing to look at and the grey treatment to the tear-drop section looks very good.Slide into the seat and you’re back in the familiar good ergos of the little commuta-cruiser. However, the light kick isn’t needed anymore, for at the front nestles a new electric starter. Which means you can finally exploit the full style potential of the Enticer, thumbing the starter coolly instead of standing halfway up to kick the motor over.

On the move, the feeling is the same – cool and easy. But the fun is in the brakes. The new Enticer gets a new front disc brake, complete with gold covers for the two-piston calliper unit. The brake bites down firmly and provides easy, quick stops, although now you will notice the front end diving even harder than it used to. But the discomfort pales in the face of the newfound stopping power.

However, we must say that the hub the rotor is mounted on is just plain ugly. It appears to be a 130 mm drum – with the insides scooped out and the rotor bolted on. The arrangement obviously saves some amount of costs, in that the spoke size is the same as the old bike. Like the unfilled calliper mounts on the older drum-braked Enticer, the new one looks odd.

Fortunately, that’s easy to ignore, for you can’t see the empty drum while riding (though everyone else can).  It’s still one of the nicer bikes to go to work and to keep things cool.Yamaha will have the new Enticer in showrooms by the end of July and you can buy one for Rs 5,000 over the old one. Which means the new Enticer, in Lavender Silver, Champagne Gold or (our selection, Cocktail Red) can be yours for Rs 64,500 (on road, Mumbai).