Yamaha and Honda to get off-road bikers-EXCLUSIVE

Yamaha has plans to get in two 125cc bikes in India, first will be the YZF R125 and there will be one more bike with different styling for the 125cc segment. From what we understand it might just be an off-roader version, somewhat similar to the Hero Impulse.
The Impulse has been good concept to study and other Japanese bike makers are looking to get into the off-roader segment for India. Honda and Yamaha could be the first amongst all to enter this segment, and they are likely to get a different engine size bikes instead of the 150cc. Honda Motorcycles and Scooters will be launching 15 products this year including some facelifts.
BIGhonda Our sources confirm that Honda has been studying the light motorcycle segment and the company has been utilising its existing off-roader bike technology from its well-known bikes like the CRF450RE to develop a new bike too. Honda might want to stick to 150cc and tweak the use the butter-smooth Unicorn engine to design its off-roader bike.
Yamaha might just go ahead with a smaller engine of 125cc and the other Yamaha off-roader to expect will be the YZ 250 F2. We don't have confirmation of the engines, but both the Japanese bike makers are seriously looking at this untapped market segment. At the moment, only Hero has a bike in this segment, however we soon shall expect some competition with these Japanese bike makers. Both the Japanese bike manufacturers have good expertise in these segments and we can expect them to introduce off-road bikes in India soon.

Source : MotorOctane