World's Fastest Accelerating Car Reaches 100Kmph In 1.513 Seconds!

The verdict on electric cars is quite divided since they have a lot of strong positives and negatives. With the technology available today, it is debatable whether one should buy a new electric car or a petrol/diesel one. But one thing that electric cars do exceptionally well is acceleration. 1.513 seconds was all it took for an electric car to reach 100kmph and create a new world record. The time it took to achieve that speed is even less than the time you took to read this sentence. This world record was achieved by Formula Student Team at the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ). This team hails from Switzerland and their car is called Grimsel. The previous record stood at 1.779 seconds, set last year by the University of Stuttgart.

This Formula Student/SAE team consists of 30 students from ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. They made Grimsel reach the 100kmph within a distance of just 30 metres on a runway at the Dübendorf Air Base in Switzerland. This was made possible by the ultra lightweight carbon fibre construction, which made the car weigh only 168kg. Powering the car are four wheel hub motors, one for each wheel. These motors combined produce 200 horsepower and 1695Nm torque. Now, to put all this power on to the tarmac, each wheel has its own traction control system. Also, the car has a massive wing at the rear and some Formula One type front under spoilers to direct the air and keep the car planted on the ground.

Achieving this took some massive engineering techniques and some serious dedication. We hope the youngsters keep pushing the boundaries of physics and breaking more records and barriers.

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Source : CarDekho