Why Maybachs are made only in Germany and now in India also?

Mercedes-Benz had killed the Maybach brand and now it is a sub-brand of the Stuttgart-based automaker. The company had recently launched the S500 Maybach and S600 Maybach in India and the former will be assembled in the companys Chakan plant.

Mercedes-Benz manufactures the Maybach currently only in Germany and now even in India. The India plant is the second in line to get this production in the world. When we spoke to Eberhard Kern, MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, we learnt that there are two reasons for this.

2016_Mercedes-Benz_S600_Maybach_LAShow_3 S 500 Maybach interior

He stated, Mercedes-Benz India has noticed a high sales figures on the S-Class. At the moment, the annual number for this flagship model is in four-digits. This makes it a great case study for the brand and India is one of the markets where sales of the S-Class are very high. This is one of the reasons why the Maybach sub-brand has been introduced.

The second reason we learn from Mr Kern is, The Indian plant has produced high quality products and German headquarters has complete faith in the Chakan facility. In many countries the plants are outsourced and quality can become an issue there.

Mercedes-Benz at the moment sells the S350 CDI (which is the highest selling variant), S500, S500 Maybach (this is specifically for the Indian car market and is locally assembled) and the S600 Maybach (which is a complete body unit (CBU) import).

Source : MotorOctane