Whole in one - the all-new 2013 MK7 Volkswagen Golf!


The MK7!

Yes, its all-new and it sure does look good. Its been in production since 1974 and it is, without a doubt, one of the most important cars in the world. If VW is to be known by one single car, this will be it. So, this new car is an important landmark - no mild updates here, it’s a big change to the line-up and lets see what this MK7 2013 Golf is all about.

But weight

MQB - Modular Transverse Matrix is the name of the game and this is one of the first VW group cars to have been built on the platform, the other one being the Audi A3. This shared group platform is a new-generation architecture based on which VW will develop a whole series of front-engined, front-wheel driven cars in the next decade or so. There’s a huge weight advantage here as well as cost and inventory benefits. Overall, this Golf is significant 100 kgs lighter than before. Everything from the air-conditioning unit to the seating to the body and the dashboard was put on a strict, systematic diet plan. And the result is here for everyone to see.


Eco drive

Since VW has saved weight and worked on optimizing the package, emissions are down 23% while economy is boosted too. The 138 bhp 1.4 TSI petrol has cylinder de-activation to help fuel economy, while more importantly, the 1.6-litre BlueMotion-equipped diesel claims to return 37 kpl. Yes, you read that right. Also, the base 1.2 litre weighs just 112 kgs while delivering a claimed 24 kpl. The 100 kgs worth of weight shedding is a big factor contributing to these figures.


The new Golf essentially tries to stick to the traditional Golf cues while bringing the design a generation forward. Designed by Mark Lichte, this new Golf is wider and noticeably larger than the outgoing model but the crisp, smartly designed cuts all around the car make it look more athletic. The aggressive front-end styling also adds bucketloads to the design, making the new Golf look sportier and instantly more attractive. We wouldn’t have minded a bit more of Scirocco-ness either, VW.


Safe house

This is quite unbelievable - the kind of kit they’re offering rivals the Passat and in some cases, betters it. It debuts the new multi-collision braking system that helps prevents secondary collisions after an accident, it’s got a proactive PreCrash system that secures passengers when it senses that an accident might occur, an XDS electronic differential (like the previous Golf GTI), adaptive cruise control, automatic city speed emergency braking, lane assist, automatic parking assist and dynamic lighting assist. There are driving modes on offer - Sport, Eco and all that - a new ergonomic sport seat, a climate comfort windshield and a guard against using the wrong type on fuel in the diesels! Phew! Passat and the rest of the VW big brothers, seriously, you need to step up!

Tech Fest

The features list still isn’t over. It packs in touchscreens from 5 to 8 inches, an electronic parking brake and will also offer six and seven-speed dual clutch  gearboxes. Also, on the insides, the rear legroom has increased by 30mm, shoulder room has increased 31/30 mm (F/R) and the boot space has increased by 30 litres. Apparently, the ride quality has also improved and so has the dynamic abilities of the car owing to the comprehensively updated chassis and suspension package as well as the lesser weight figure. After reading all this, we cannot wait to drive it. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is the new class benchmark by a long margin.