Which Car? - September Edition 3


Linear thinking

I plan to upgrade to a sedan from my present Maruti Suzuki Swift diesel. I like the Fiat Linea diesel, but it is underpowered. Is Fiat going to introduce a 1.6-litre diesel Linea in the near future? How is the new VW Vento 1.6 diesel’s handling and ride characteristics in comparison to the Linea diesel?

M Shora, via email

While Fiat will be launching a more powerful version of the Linea petrol, the T-Jet that you’ve read about, a more powerful diesel isn’t on the cards, at least not for the next year or so. In that regard the VW Vento diesel is pretty much the car you should be looking at. It rides and handles quite well, nearly as well as the Linea, and then it has a potent and torquey engine that helps it keep up with more expensive D-Segment cars. Right now, this is the car for you.

Close the hatch

I am planning to buy a new car this December and currently own a 2006 Maruti Suzuki Wagon R LXi. I am planning to shift to a Hyundai car and have narrowed my choice down to the Accent Executive and i20 Sportz. Both the cars are priced fairly close to each other, even though the Accent is a sedan and the i20 is a hatchback. I am more inclined towards buying a sedan because of my love for a big car, but I would be open to your suggestions. Mileage is not an area of concern, but it does matter.

Tarun Mittal, New Delhi

The Accent has now been around for nearly a decade and if you want a sedan, we would suggest the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire in that segment. However, if your heart is in buying a Hyundai, then the i20 is preferable. It has good ride quality, decent space, is more modern and has better driving characteristics too. It will also fetch you better value when you decide to upgrade.


I’m looking to upgrade from my Skoda Octavia to a larger sedan. My budget is ' 30-35 lakh, and I am seriously considering the Audi A4. I would like to know whether it makes for a good buy, whether the performance is adequate and whether it has good features. Also, is it easy to maintain one and what precautions must I take before buying one?

Raj Kansal, via email

The Audi A4 feels and drives like a car that is a class bigger than it is and yet it wraps around the driver very well. It not only rewards enthusiastic drivers, but also people looking for comfort. If you want a petrol that isn’t heavy on your wallet and yet offers good performance, then we suggest you go in for the 2.0 TFSi. However, as far as diesels go, we’d recommend the 3.0TDI for you. It may be a bit over your budget, but in terms of offering great performance, good mileage and unbeatable value, it hits the spot.

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