Which Car? - October Edition 4



I am planning to buy my first car. It should be spacious and easy to maintain. Looks matter a great deal to me. My budget is Rs 3.5-4.5 lakh and my daily running is around 5-10 km. Should I go for a diesel? Please advise me.

Priyadarshi Mishra, via email

Your daily running doesn’t require a diesel car. Why don’t you consider the Ford Figo petrol? It looks fresh, has good interior space and features (like a Bluetooth-enabled audio system) and is a robust car that will be easy to maintain. The LXI version will fit your budget, and the ZXI will need a little bit of a stretch.


I am confused between the Nissan Micra and Suzuki Swift. What is the implication of the low ground clearance of the Micra, and also its three cylinder engine? The Swift seems better on both these counts.

Vishal, via email

The Micra’s ground clearance is actually quite good, and its 3-cylinder engine, although not as refined as the Swift’s 4-cylinder unit, is a capable and spirited performer. It is also quite frugal and has better (and funkier) interior space. We think it would be a good buy for you. If driving pleasure is paramount, however, then go for the Swift!


I need to buy a car within a budget of Rs 10 lakh. It will run about 1,000 km a month (so I guess diesel is out). It’ll be chauffeur-driven, with the occasional self-driven journey on an outstation drive. It needs to sit 5 comfortably (good rear leg room). Which car do I choose? I would prefer to choose from among the VW Vento, Fiat Linea T-Jet and the Honda City.

 Sridhar, via email

The Fiat Linea T-Jet has a great engine, with almost diesel-car levels of torque. It should be a good driving companion both in the city and on the highway, and it offers excellent ride quality to boot. Three people will fit in with reasonable comfort in the back seat as well. We’d also suggest that you look at the Suzuki SX4 — it comes fully loaded at a very competitive price indeed.


Which car is better between the Suzuki Zen Estilo and the Hyundai i10 Kappa? Space-wise, the Estilo seems better and ingress/egress are easier in it. I want to know which of these two has better performance and which one is more comfortable.

Dr Ashish Bisane, via email

The short answer to your question is that the Hyundai i10 is better! Yes, getting in and out of the Zen Estilo is easy, but the i10 is a better all-round car on almost all other fronts. Performance and mileage from the Kappa engine are excellent, and it has better ride and handling than the Estilo. Go for it! Any automotive questions? Ask us at bijoy.y@bsmail.in