Which car? November edition 3


Figo it out

I am planning to buy a car for a commute of 1,000 km a month. I want a car that comes with a good list of safety features — airbags and ABS are a must. My budget is Rs 7 lakh on road. I have currently zeroed in on the Ford Figo — would you endorse my view or do you think I ought to go for anything else? I plan on keeping the car for at least five years.

Pratyush, Bengaluru

It’s nice to see car buyers wanting safety equipment in their cars and willing to pay for it. We hope you set an example for all the others around you! Yes, the Figo is overall a decent car with excellent value for money. It should serve you well for the time you plan to keep it. The recent facelift also helps matters. Go for it!

Hatch made in heaven

I want to buy a diesel car within a range of Rs 5 to 6 lakh for my daily commute of 40 to 50 km. I like the Hyundai i20 and the Volkswagen Polo. I have stretched my budget to ensure that I accommodate these cars. Please tell me which to opt for as I want good mileage and stability as well.

Rachit Seth, via email

If you were to look for cars in a segment lower, we’d recommend the Maruti Suzuki Ritz diesel — it has just been through a facelift and is a great car to drive and own. It is tall, so it is easy to drive on city roads, while the engine is fuel efficient, refined and excellent. However, since you have managed to stretch your budget, we recommend the Volkswagen Polo. For stability, handling, driving pleasure and fuel efficiency, it makes a good buy.

Vroom room

I am planning to purchase a diesel sedan for my monthly running of 1,000 km. I am confused between the Hyundai Verna 1.6 SX and Volkswagen Vento Highline. I am concerned about Volkswagen’s expensive maintenance/spares and the Verna’s highway manners. I am 6 feet tall and want enough legroom and shoulder room at the back. Kindly advise.

Siddharth, via email

Both the Verna and Vento are quite comfortable at the rear. The Vento has the added advantage of a clever lever on the front passenger seat that allows it to be dropped down and offers added leg room in the process. Hyundai on the other hand have worked on the rear suspension to improve ride and handling characteristics and the cars rolling out now are somewhat better in that regard. If the cost of ownership of a Vento is putting you off, you can consider the Verna.

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