Which car? November edition 2


Ten on ten

I am planning to buy a car — either the Maruti Suzuki Swift or the Hyundai i10. I have a budget of Rs 5 lakh, half of which is in the form of a bank loan. I want to know whether to buy a petrol or a diesel car. I would be using the car thrice a week and not for more than 30 kms at a time. Would it be okay for me to buy a petrol or do I go in for a diesel car?


Prince Joseph, via email

There’s no doubt about it — do buy a petrol car. A diesel would be an unnecessary expense for the kind of driving you do. The i10 is a cheerful, peppy car to drive in city conditions and it is easy to drive too. The Swift is bigger and falls into a higher category — if it fits in your budget you can go for it, as it is the best car in its segment. Else the i10 should serve you well.

Sedan stuff

I would like to buy a sedan within a budget of Rs 9 to 11 lakh. I am confused between the Hyundai Verna and Volkswagen Vento. I think both these cars will suit my needs, but I’m not sure which one I ought to buy. Can you tell me about the service and maintenance costs of both cars and if you think the cars have negative points mention, those as well.

Yuvrajsinh Jadeja, Rajkot

The Hyundai Verna probably suits your requirements better as overall cost of ownership is on the lower side. Yes, the Vento is a better built car and has better dynamics and ride quality, but it may be more expensive to own over time and may not return as good resale value. If you plan to hold on to the car for five to seven years, the Verna may just be the right car for you.

Hatch attack

I am looking to buy a car within a budget of Rs 5 lakh for my monthly commute of 300 km. I would like to keep the car for the next ten years at least, and am considering the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, A-star and Estilo. However, I don’t seem to be able to fit in the A-star as I am too tall for it. Are there any other cars that I ought to consider? What about the Ritz or the Ford Figo? Keeping in mind maintenance costs and durability, which would make a good buy?

Yashveer Chauhan, via email

Since the A-star is getting a mild facelift soon and you plan to keep the car for ten years, it won't make sense for you to buy the current model right now. In this case you can look at the Ritz as it fits all your requirements best. It’s just received a facelift and has more features too. In case you want a second option, have a look at the Brio for its modern design, size, ease of driving and fun factor.