Which car? November 2


Frugal sipper

I have a monthly commute of 1,800 km with a budget of Rs 6.2 lakh. My need is mileage above everything else and I require a diesel powered car. I’m considering the Tata Indigo eCS, Ford Figo EXI, Volkswagen Polo Trendline and the Maruti Swift Dzire. Which would suit my usage best?



Yash Joshi, via email

If your focus is clearly on fuel efficiency, then the Tata Indigo eCS VX should be clearly on your radar. However, if it’s an all-rounder that you seek, then the Ford Figo is your best bet. It’s comfortable, rides and handles well and has a strong motor that is quite efficient too.

Gimme an auto

I want to buy a diesel automatic for my commute. I have checked out the Skoda Laura, the Chevrolet Cruze and the Hyundai Verna. But I’m not too keen on the Verna because it has only four gears and will not be good on the highway. Which do I pick?

Naveen Taneja, via email

Despite the fact that the Hyundai Verna has just four gears, it’s still peppy, frugal and the performance is hardly dented by the lack of gears. However since you seem to be willing to stretch your budget, the car we would recommend is the Cruze automatic. The gearbox is relaxed, unhurried and works well with the engine. The motor is powerful and the car is well-loaded and decently built, to say the least. A likeable motor car, it certainly is.

Rapid action

I own a Maruti Ritz which I plan to give to my father and replace with a Skoda for myself. I would like to buy either the Fabia or the Rapid. I’ve kept an eye on the Laura as well, but I’m not sure it will fit within my budget of Rs 10 lakh. I have an annual mileage of 9,000 km, so I’d like to opt for a petrol car. Are there other cars I ought to be considering and will I find a good Skoda dealership and service centre in my city? What is their service backup like?

Shankar Narayan, Bengaluru

While we can’t speak about the sales and after-sales quality of Skoda dealers in Bengaluru (which you will need to find out from local Skoda owners), the Skoda Rapid makes for a fine car. The petrol engine is efficient and torquey, there’s good interior room, build quality is excellent and ride and handling manners of the car are decent too. It makes for a good buy.

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