Which car? June edition 2


Sedan solution

I am not able to decide between the Honda City S and Hyundai Verna SX petrol. The car I’m replacing is the older Honda City. After evaluating both cars I feel that the Verna is more comfortable in the back, especially for Mumbai roads, the cabin is more silent and it has more features too. On the downside, the handling is supposed to be poor and there is lack of visibility in the rear seat, especially if you want to egress on a busy road. The car will be used mostly in the city, with occasional weekend trips. I usually don’t cross 80 to 90 kmph even on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, but I don't want safety to be compromised if I opt for the Verna.

Bharat, Mumbai

Yes, it is a tough choice. The City is a great car to drive and is reliable and efficient too. Space at the rear is decent as well. And you’ve summed up the attributes and flaws of the Verna rather nicely too. So, it is simple — if you spend most of your time in the rear seat, the Verna will suit you well. But if you’re driving most of the time, the Honda City is the better choice.

Sunny side

I currently own a Hyundai i10 and would like to upgrade to a mid-size sedan. I have a budget that will allow me to buy the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, but I am willing to stretch it a little and go for the Nissan Sunny XL or the Volkswagen Vento Trendline. As the Nissan has more features than the Volkswagen (at least in the trim levels I am considering) I would like to opt for it. However, Vento is the better looking car. I want the car I buy to be low in terms of maintenance, comfortable to drive and fuel efficient too. Please help me decide.

Akashdeep Singh, via email

Yes, Vento is definitely the better looking of the two. However, for your requirements of low maintenance, comfort and efficiency, the Sunny makes more sense. It’s the one we recommend.

Four wheels, please

I currently drive a Maruti Wagon R VXI model that is four years old and has run around 29,000 km to date. I tend to use my car only when the situation demands it, perhaps two to three times a week with my family for around 10 to 20 km. I usually commute on a Royal Enfield Bullet to go around the city and I’ve finally decided to trade the Wagon R for a Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, but I cannot decide between the petrol or diesel version. Which would be best for me?

Diganta Rajkonwar, via email

Yes, the Swift Dzire is definitely a good car. For your kind of running, it is not necessary to spend extra money on the diesel version. It will take you longer to cover the differential. Stick with the petrol version, which is quite a fuel efficient car on its own, and it should prove to be a comfortable runabout for your entire family.

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