Which car? January Edition 3


Heavyweight bout

I’m looking for a sedan or SUV with good safety features, within a budget of around Rs 6 to 10 lakh. I don’t like the lightweight Marutis and Hyundais, as I currently drive a Fiat Punto and it feels well planted, safe and heavy duty. Please recommend a car.

Ritesh Rohra, via email

You haven’t mentioned whether you would like a petrol or diesel vehicle, so we’ll give you some options to check out. Since you already drive a Punto, a Fiat Linea may be worth investigating — it’s a solidly built car with good ride quality. The Skoda Rapid is also an option — for its price, it offers great value, ride quality and solidity. Finally, as an SUV, the Renault Duster is an excellent choice — it’s car-like to drive, with great ride quality and lots of practicality; you can opt for the 85 bhp diesel version.

All that Jazz

I am looking to buy a Honda Jazz. I have been hearing rumours that it is likely to be discontinued? Are you hearing the same?

Ruchir Lahoty, via email

The Honda Jazz is a very good car and is one of our favourite hatchbacks — and no, it isn’t likely to be discontinued any time soon. In fact, it may well get a diesel engine option in the near future. Go ahead and buy it — it’s refined, fun to drive and very practical indeed!

Amazing stuff

I want to buy an entry level sedan (with a maximum on-road price of Rs 8 lakh). A petrol car should do for me, since it won't run for more than 1000 km per month. What's the best option available? I'm looking for good styling, ride quality, mileage and resale value. Is it worth waiting for the Honda Amaze? Will it come with a petrol option as well?

Sujit Sahoo, via email

The short answer to your last question is yes — there will be a petrol engine in the Honda Amaze sedan, and it is an option worth waiting for, if you are not in a hurry. The Amaze is a very good car and has the potential to be a top-seller when it is released later this year, if Honda prices it right. If you want to buy a car right away, you can look at the Maruti Swift Dzire, which is almost a default option, and the Renault Scala/Nissan Sunny, which are exactly the same cars with different badges.

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