Which car? January Edition 1


Comfortable commuter

I currently own a Mercedes-Benz C220 and am now looking for a car for my sister to drive. I have a budget of Rs 5 to Rs 15 lakh. The car must be stress free over a monthly commute of 600 km, while also providing good mileage and being comfortable to drive as well. I am contemplating either the Ford Figo or the Volkswagen Polo — please let me know which one to buy.

Satyam Chadha, via email

For a commute of only 600 km a month, there is no need for you to invest additional money in buying a diesel car. Since we are now only considering petrol cars, we would point you in the direction of the Volkswagen Polo instead of the Ford Figo. The Polo is the better looking car and is of good quality inside and out. It is a nice car to drive as well, and delivers decent economy too. So, you could buy the Polo for your sister, we’re sure she’ll be happy driving it.

Small wheels

I am planning to buy a small petrol car with a budget of Rs 3 to Rs 4.5 lakh. I need the car to have enough place for four passengers — if it can seat five, it will be a bonus. It needs to have good safety features like ABS, airbags and whatever else I can get for the price range. As I will be driving it in the city, I would like it to deliver good fuel economy. I am not too keen on an automatic transmission, so a manual would be preferred. Could you please recommend a car?

Anupam Parekh, via email

The Hyundai i10 is a competent car that will suit most of your needs. It might not seat five people in comfort, but overall it really is an excellent compact car. The i10 is well-built, fuel-efficient and is a pleasure to drive too. If you are not too keen on this, you could also look at the Chevrolet Beat as an option. It would make a good buy too.

All wheel woes

I am planning to buy a Mahindra XUV5oo and am wondering whether it makes sense to put in the additional Rs 1.25 lakh for the all-wheel drive version. My basic running is in the city, with trips on the highway once a month as well. Will the AWD variant be an additional burden in terms of mileage and maintenance?

Kartikeya Sharma, Jaipur

Considering your requirements are not offroad or under low traction conditions, there is no need to put in the additional money for the all-wheel drive variant of the XUV. Yes, AWD will be a drag on fuel consumption as well. As you will be driving in the city most of the time, with the occasional highway drive, you strictly don’t need power going to all four wheels.

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