Which car? February edition 3


Small match

I want to purchase a car within a budget of Rs 5-7 lakh. I would like it to be fuel efficient and low on maintenance costs. I also want a car that looks good. I like the Hyundai i20, however, I’m willing to consider other cars as well, if you think they suit my needs.

Shivam Bansal, via email


The Hyundai i20 is a good car overall. It is nice to look at, especially after the facelift, so that takes care of your requirement of a car that looks good. The i20 is also spacious on the inside, while quality too is excellent. You could also consider the Volkswagen Polo. It is likely to get a more powerful TSI petrol motor soon. You can decide between these two.

Sedan need

I currently own a Maruti Suzuki Swift and want to upgrade to a petrol sedan within a budget of Rs 8-9 lakh. I will be using the car mainly for city driving — usually 700 km a month. I want a good looking car with well-designed interiors. The car ought to be low on maintenance and have easy serviceability. In addition, I’d like it to have good ground clearance and also deliver fuel efficiency of around 10 kmpl in city conditions. Which car would you recommend?

Samir Jasani, Mumbai

Except for the bit about the ground clearance, the Honda City matches all your requirements. It is perfect for city conditions and its engine is powerful, yet efficient enough to enjoy the occasional highway drive. It is of good quality and is reliable, while it looks good too. The ground clearance is an issue when the car is loaded and you encounter speedbreakers or sharp ramps. If you could live with that, then we highly recommend the City for you. You could also look at the Renault Scala or the Nissan Sunny.

Sunny side up

I am planning to buy a car within a budget of Rs 6-7 lakh. I won’t be driving too much and will only be going on long journeys once or twice a year. While I had first zeroed in on the Hyundai i20 Asta or Sportz version, I went and test drove the Nissan Sunny diesel XL and loved it. I was going to buy the Sunny XE petrol, but I didn’t like the interiors. I’m not too keen on the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire either — it lacks space in the rear and boot. Keeping this in mind I am looking at the Toyota Etios G, Chevrolet Sail LS ABS, Ford Classic CLXI and yes, I’m still considering the i20. Which car do you recommend? Also, when is the Honda Amaze being launched and is it worth waiting for?

Prateek Rajput, via email

There is nothing wrong in going for a hatchback or a sedan — it completely depends on your needs. However, when you go for a premium hatchback, you get features (including the important safety features) that you won’t get in an entry-level sedan. So it really depends on your priorities. If you didn’t like the Sunny, then you could look at the Renault Scala — the Renault is slightly different in terms of appearance, which you may like. If you would like to go for a fully loaded hatchback, then the i20 should serve you well. It is a high quality car with nice features and is built well too. The recent facelift has also improved its appearance. The Amaze is scheduled for an April launch — we think it is worth waiting for!

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