Which car? - February Edition 1


Skoda pop!
I am looking for a car which has a quiet cabin, with minimal road and other noise coming through, and with great ride quality. The car will be mainly chauffeur driven, and fuel efficiency is not an issue. I am in no hurry and can wait if there is a new car coming. My budget is Rs 20 lakh-plus.

Zuber Ahmed, Guwahati

Santa's here

Chevrolet Captiva, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Fortuner or Hyundai Santa Fe? Or should I wait for a new Pajero, whenever that might come? A seven-seater is desirable, but only if the 2nd and 3rd rows both have good leg room for adults. Yes, seating comfort is a big concern. A sun-roof would be nice too. Petrol or diesel — no real preferences, but a lower overall running cost of ownership doesn't hurt. I drive about 3,000 km a month, split between city driving and highway driving (including roads which could qualify as off-roading). The car will be mostly chauffeur driven, but I do enjoy long distance driving on holidays.

Mohit Jain, New Delhi


Toyota time


I need help choosing a car, and my budget is a maximum of Rs 7.5 lakh. I don’t mind buying any car except the Suzuki SX4, the Suzuki Swift Dzire and the Hyundai Verna. I drive about 30 km a day in the city, and I rarely drive on the highways. Please do help me out.

Ankit Murarka, via email

You have not really given us too many details to go with! Nevertheless, keeping in mind your useage, we think you don’t need a diesel car. We are also assuming you would like a sedan rather than a hatchback. Right now, the Toyota Etios is the hot new car, and for good reason — it has a fabulous engine, spacious interiors and is very good value for money. However, it also has a rather long waiting period as well! If you would rather buy a car right away, we think that the Volkswagen Vento petrol, in the Trendline version, is a great choice as well. It is very well built, it’s spacious and the engine is a spirited performer.

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