Which car? December Edition 4


Space jam

I would like to buy a diesel car which would be chauffeur-driven since my annual run is 25,000 km in Mumbai city. My budget is Rs 6 lakh (on-road price) and priorities are fuel economy, low maintenance cost and seating for three adults in the rear seat. I have narrowed my choice to diesel versions of the new Maruti Swift, Ford Figo and Toyota Etios. Which one do I buy?

Abhishek Ganeriwala, Mumbai

For your requirements, the Toyota makes most sense. It is the only one that offers you enough space at the rear for three people. And of course it is fuel efficient and low on maintenance.

Clean green

I am planning to buy a 1.2-litre-engined small car. I have shortlisted the Hyundai i10 Magna and Maruti Suzuki Ritz petrol. Which do I go for? The Ritz is 160 kg heavier than the i10 and the company claims it isn’t as efficient as the i10 either. Is this true? Also the Ritz doesn’t come with a company fitted CNG kit and if I get it installed I will lose my warranty. I prefer the looks of the Ritz, but I also value fuel efficiency. Should I go for the i10 with a company fitted CNG kit or buy the Ritz and drive it on petrol till its warranty gets over and then convert it to CNG?

Prateek Magoo, via email

It really depends on how many kilometres you cover in a day. If you do between 20-30 km you don’t need to convert to CNG, as petrol is more than enough. If you drive beyond that you could look at a diesel car instead of CNG conversion. If you opt for the Ritz diesel you can get the looks you like with the fuel economy you desire.

Diesel dilemma

I am a little confused about which of these two cars to buy — the Chevrolet Beat diesel LT or the Indica Vista Refresh VX. Could you please tell me which one would be a better buy?

Binoy Shah, via email

Really depends on your personal preferences and usage. If space is important then you can go for the Vista. If there are not many people travelling in the car then the diesel Beat is good enough.

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