Which car? December Edition 1


Going Eon and Eon


I want to buy a car, and my budget is Rs 3.5 lakh, so is the Hyundai Eon good for me as far as looks, mileage, performance and maintenance are concerned? If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

Farhan Rahman, via email

The Hyundai Eon is a comfortable, easy to manoeuvre and frugal small car. It is nicely built and it has decent ride quality too. It may not be the most fun-to-drive car, but as a city commuter it works very well. In case you would like better performance, you could consider the Chevrolet Spark, but for all other purposes the Eon should be sufficient for the job.

Sunny days

I want to buy a sedan in the range of Rs 5-7 lakh. Please advise whether I should go for diesel or petrol, and which model. I have a daily commute of about 30 km. Ashish, via email

Assuming 30 km (round trip), you could stick with a petrol car (assuming that 90 per cent of the use is commuting to work each year). Your best bet in the market is a Nissan Sunny XL. It has lots of features, is very spacious on the inside, is decently built and you get a good number of safety features as well. It is, quite frankly, the best petrol entry-level sedan in the country today.

On the Indigo

I have owned a Tata Indigo LS (diesel) for the last six years. I’m very satisfied by its toughness and low cost of maintenance. My budget is Rs 6.5 lakh, and I need a diesel sedan with good boot space and overall comfort. I have shortlisted the Tata Indigo XL CR4, Indigo Manza and Mahindra Verito. Please suggest the best choice for me. Abhishek Kejriwal Cuttack

If you are happy with a Tata product, why not stick with it? We think that the Indigo Manza will work out to be a good car for you. The diesel versions are a bit expensive and you may have to stretch your budget, but we think that given its comfort, refinement and fit and finish, it’s a good bet. The basic Aqua should do just fine, considering your budget constraints.

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