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i20-i20 match

I’m looking to buy a small diesel car but am having trouble deciding between the Hyundai i20 and Volkswagen Polo. Which one is better in terms of fuel efficiency, pickup and maintenence? I have driven the i20 petrol and found that it wasn’t too powerful. Will this be a problem with the diesel engine as well?


Varun, Delhi

 The Hyundai i20 diesel is a very peppy and frugal performer. It ranks among the quickest accelerating hatchbacks in the country. It also is the quickest diesel hatchback in the country by a big margin. It is comfortable, well loaded and well built. Sure, it may be pricier than its competition, but on the whole, we think it’s the better choice of the two.

Figo it out

I own a nine-year old Hyundai Accent that has clocked more than 100,000 km. I want to replace it with a diesel car that gives me good mileage. My budget is Rs 7 lakh. I’m considering the Ford Figo and want to know how it compares against the Hyundai i20 diesel and Suzuki’s Swift and Ritz.

Ajay Aggarwal, via email

 The Ford Figo diesel has good driveability, both in town and on the highway, a nice ride and handling setup, decent interior space and good value overall. The Hyundai i20 diesel is a peppier, more comfortable and better-loaded car, but is also more expensive. If features, space and performance are your priorities, you can go ahead with the i20 diesel, but if you are looking for great value and a more enjoyable driving experience, then the Figo diesel is what we’d recommend.

Big City

I’ve been driving a Maruti Zen for the last 10 years and now want to upgrade to a petrol sedan. My average running is 25 km per day, with two or three outstation trips of 250 km thrown in every year. The cars I’m considering are the Volkswagen Vento, Hyundai Verna and Honda City, and my budget is Rs 9.5 lakh. The car will be driven both by myself and my chauffeur. My priorities are fuel efficiency, low maintenance and reasonable resale value, in that order.

 AK Sinha, via email

The Honda City answers most of your needs. It’s got a powerful and very efficient 1500cc petrol engine and a very slick gearbox. Coupled with great space and light controls, the City makes for a good city and highway car. Not only is it fun to drive, but it rides decently too. It should give you many kilometres of untroubled service and when it’s time to upgrade, decent resale value too. We recommend it. Any automotive questions? Ask us at srinivas.krishnan@bsmail.in