Which car? August edition 3


Ace space

I presently own a 2007 model Tata Indica Xeta. I would like to buy a new sedan within a budget of Rs 5 to Rs 6 lakh. I need the vehicle to be fuel efficient, have good seating and space and be low on maintenance costs too. I have shortlisted three vehicles — the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, the Ford Classic and the Toyota Etios. Which one would suit my monthly commute of 300 to 500 km the best?

T Sivadasan, Palakkad

Amongst the three cars you have chosen, it is the Etios that offers good seating and space at the rear, while it is efficient and reliable too. The Dzire is also an excellent car to drive and is reliable and fuel efficient — interior quality and design is quite nice too. The Etios gives you more room at the rear but the quality of materials used on the inside is not as good as that of the Dzire. So if interior room is important to you, then it has to be the Etios, else the Dzire should serve you well.


Back track

I want to buy a sedan within a budget of Rs 10 lakh for a commute of 1,000 km per month. I am looking at the Honda City S, Skoda Rapid diesel and Volkswagen Vento diesel. Are there other petrol options too? I need the car to be fun to drive, while rear seat comfort is also a must, which means I need the car to have good suspension and steering control too.

Anoop S, via email

You can go for the City, which is the benchmark in the petrol sedan category. It is fun to drive and you get decent leg room at the rear as well. However, if you desire a diesel car, both the VW Vento and Skoda Rapid are excellent choices. They offer a nice driving experience and are comfortable at the rear as well. We recommend you evaluate the Vento or the Rapid, based on what is the best offer you’re getting for them.

Number one

I want to buy my first car with a budget of Rs 4 to Rs 6 lakh. My monthly running is around 1,800 km, however, I am not sure whether or not I would need a diesel car, as it might lie idle for a couple of months on occasion. My purchasing decision depends on optimum mileage, good engine, low maintenance, driving comfort and space. I have been considering the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Ritz and the Hyundai i20. Which one should I opt for? I’m open to considering other options as well.

Abhishek Nandi, Kolkata

The Swift or the Ritz should easily do for you. Both return around 12 kpl in city limits. The i20 is a higher quality car than either and it is feature rich, but consumption is higher, at 11 kpl. All three are competent cars and it really boils down to your personal choice and the deal you get when you buy one. If you want to consider other cars that offer you good mileage, performance, comfort and space, you can also look at the Toyota Etios Liva and the Honda Jazz. We recommend the Swift, followed by the Liva.

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