Which car? April Edition 1


Small matter

I currently own a Maruti 800, and now I intend to purchase a new car. My budget is around Rs 4 lakh. My average running of the car is 100 km a week. Which model suits me, taking into consideration my budget? Should I purchase a petrol car, diesel car, CNG car or electric car? I am very particular about efficiency. I have heard that in Maruti models, maintenance is very low compared to other brands. Is this true? I can push my budget up by another Rs 25,000.

Kandarp Modi, via email

Why don't you look at the Chevrolet Beat LPG? It is affordable to buy and drive, and spare parts and service are economical too. The Beat is a modern, good looking car and it is comfortable to drive as well. It should suit your needs!

Mixed thoughts

I recently sold my 2003 Hyundai Santro, having driven it for just 51,000 km in eight years. I’m now planning to buy a sedan, and I have the Toyota Etios V and Tata Manza Aura Safire ABS (petrol) in mind. I would like to ask you, if I have a limited running, should I plan for a diesel car instead? I also have the Manza Quadrajet ABS (diesel) in mind. Which one of the above three should I purchase?

Dr S K Sharma, via email

Given your kind of running, a petrol-engine car should suit your needs just fine. Both the Toyota Etios and the Tata Manza offer good space for five and make for excellent long distance cars. If you are looking at a self-driven car, we’d suggest you look at the Etios. The controls are light and the car is easy to manoeuvre. What’s more, the engine is peppy and given its light weight, it is efficient too. The Manza makes for a very good chauffeur-driven car, but otherwise the Etios should serve you well.

Short stint

My wife is using a Maruti Swift petrol and drives around 20 km per day. We now plan to get her a new car, and we are considering the following options: Ford Figo, Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai i10/i20 and Skoda Fabia. Our budget is Rs 5 to 5.5 lakh. She is short and needs very good driving comfort. I am told that only the diesel versions of the Figo and Polo are good

Giridhar, via email

If it’s driving comfort you seek, we recommend the Hyundai i20 for your wife. It’s spacious on the inside, has easy to use controls, an engine that is reasonably efficient and is good enough for city driving. The car is well built and is reasonable on the pocket, in terms of running and servicing costs.

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