What ‘The ESTD’ has in store



InterGlobe General Aviation has launched a flurry of super-luxurious products under their new brand – The ESTD. The length and breadth of their product line-up is nothing short of mind-blowing and each product could probably cause a mild heart-attack by itself. From aircraft to supercars to superbikes to yachts, here’s what you need to know about their range –

(Psst…No matter if you can’t afford them, it’s stratospherically dreamy material that would jazz up your dreams like nothing else. The Ambanis and Mittals of the world, get your cheque books ready)

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Koenigsegg Agera

The mad Swedes have come up with a supercar with enough power to cause minor changes in the Earth’s trajectory around the Sun – 950 bhp to be exact – along with a 390 kph+ top speed and enough exotic materials and technology to oust the Discovery Space Shuttle. The Agera, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Koenigsegg Agera on sale now!

We’re the only Indian magazine and maybe one of the few Indians to have driven an Koenigsegg – Here’s Pablo’s take on the CCX – the car which the Agera replaced –

Two words: Koenigsegg driven.

Gumpert Apollo

Mad German rocket ship disguised as a €400,000 hypercar. BSM already has a driving impression of the Apollo Sport and here’s what Nick said when he drove it –

‘As I finally fire up the 700 bhp V8 and a hollow bark fills the halls and bounces off the walls and rafters as the 4.2-litre clears its lungs like a heavy smoker, spitting unburnt fuel on the highly polished floor.’

Interested? Here’s Nick full-blown review –

Gumpert Apollo Sport - The Apollo Mission

Naked, mad, ridiculously exotic and downright scary – the Vyrus 987C3. Let’s cut to the chase. 211 hp and 154 kgs. The 2010 Vyrus 987 C3 4V. In 2010, it will be the world’s most powerful production bike.

Need to know more? Hit the link –

Naked, mad and downright scary - Vyrus 987 C3

Hollisters Custom Motorcycles

Need a bit of the Orange County Choppers lifestyle without all the break-downs and the fuss? Here’s a German take on choppers, built to typically high Bavarian standards and guaranteed to bring you all the joy with none of the downtime.

Here’s more info –

Motorcycle Mania - Vyrus in India!

U Boat Worx

Tired of puttering around on land? Well, this is for you. Set out exploring the 70% of the planet you’ve never seen – the oceans. U Boat Worx is your submarine to do it all in comfort. 8 hours endurance, 100 metres operating depth, and a variety of seating options. Dive, dive and dive!

This, along with a massive range of yachts – Messerschmitt, Arcadia, ISA, Novatec and Saturn and speedboats from Hydrolift and Donzi. 

Pretty fly

They’ve got Hawker Beechcraft, Sikorsky, Dornier Seaplanes and an Extremely Short Take-off and Landing aircraft from Pacific Aerospace called the P750. Hawker Beechcraft makes some extremely luxurious business aircraft, Sikorsky makes a whole load of highly-reputed rotor-driven products with a long standing history in aviation while Dornier Seaplanes are so cool in concept, we’ve already put it in our ‘To buy if you hit it big time’ list.