What Delhi And Rest Of The World Can Learn From Paris

“Once the Paris agreement is on paper, I’d like to take that to Delhi and say this is what Paris is doing.” are the words of Gautam Sen, VP external relations, the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA). It is a worldwide organisation dedicated to the preservation, protection and promotion of historic vehicles. Are you wondering what Paris has done and why is Sen so eager to inform the nation about the same? Then here it is... Where Delhi seems to have taken a stringent approach on prohibiting 15 year-old and above passenger cars from the road, Paris has also taken-up a similar approach, but with a twist. In a bid to curb pollution, a ban on vehicles registered before 1997 has been imposed in the city between 8am-8pm during Monday to Friday. However, in order to respect and abide the beauty of classic and vintage cars that are a vital part of the automotive lineage, an exemption has been given to such cars.  A registered classic car that is more than 30 years old will not be a part of the ban as announced by the Federation Francaise des vehicules D’Epoque (FFVE) – French arm of the FIVA, on its website. Such cars deserves acknowledgement and preservation and the same is evident from the way in which Paris has handled this concern. The rule will come into play from July 1, 2016 and will restrict cars from entering the city. Each car-type will be allotted one of the six stickers depending on the emission level, while classic car owners will also get their special-stickers, allowing them to drive their cars anytime in the city. Back here in the country, the art of preserving vintage beauties is already on a downside and with laws banning ‘any’ passenger car of 15 years and above to ply on city roads, the situation is bound to get worse. We are strongly in favour to curb pollution levels and to phase out old vehicles that are contributing towards the same, but the authorities should re-consider this rule to exempt such ‘art’ on wheels. Our current generation and generations-to-come should be able to appreciate what automotive industry stands for. It’s not always the heart-thumping sound of a V12 engine breaking speed records, but the essence of a car lies within fine details and craftsmanship that these vintage and classic beauties offer.  So in a bid to request our authorities to take a leaf out of the Paris agreement, we sincerely hope that vintage and classic cars will see the light of day.  


Source : CarDekho