Volvo to launch keyless cars by next year

Volvo will be the first automaker to launch cars without keys from next year. The cars will detect your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity, providing access via the new digital car key.

Digital keys are becoming popular, enabling consumers to provide access to their homes to relatives and friends. Volvo's keyless cars are on display at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

According to the automaker, Volvo owners could send their digital keys to others via a phone, enabling them to access the vehicle. For instance, the owner could provide access to a mechanic to drive the vehicle for repairs.

The technology would be deployed on an experimental basis later this year at Gothenburg airport in Sweden.  "There are obviously many permutations when it comes to how this shared key technology can be used," said a company spokesperson. "We look forward to seeing how else this technology might be used in the future and we welcome any and all ideas."