Volvo Powertronic Tractor launched at Auto Expo

Volvo has launched the FH520 Powertronic Tractor today at the 2010 Auto Expo in Delhi. This  mega lugger is powered by a huge 520 bhp, 265 kgm motor that is mated with the Volvo T2606 fully automatic gearbox. The FH520 is capable of a claimed top whack of 59 kph in unladen condition and when fully loaded, peaks at about 38 kph. If you think that's not much, consider this. With a GCW of 200 tonnes, a top speed of nearly 40 kph isn't bad at all. You can choose any trailer and have Volvo customise the FH520 to make it compatible with whatever you go in for. If moving things like pre-cast structures, reactor bodies, high capacity turbines, transformers and the like is what you need, the FH520 is the one to do the job.

Volvo boasts of a 70 per cent market European heavy duty truck share in India. Its sales have grown by 20-25 per cent in the last year in India, with a total of approximately 6000 trucks plying around the country till date.