Volkswagen India recalls 3,877 units of Vento diesel on emissions issue

Volkswagen India is recalling 3,877 Vento cars over inconsistent carbon monoxide emissions, which include only the manual 1.5-litre diesel variants.

The company said that the emissions in the affected models sometimes exceed the threshold limits during the Conformity of Production (COP) tests done by Automotive Research Association of India.

“Volkswagen India is analysing the issue and will propose technical measures to ARAI to solve this inconsistency at the earliest,” said the statement from Volkswagen India on Friday. “Once approved and confirmed by the competent authorities, Volkswagen India will implement the measures and resume the production and sales of the relevant vehicle. The same technical measures will also be implemented in the impacted vehicles that are already with customers.”

The problem impacts only the manual gearbox version of Vento with 1.5-litre diesel engine and is not connected to the global NOx emissions topic, it added.

It is only the 1.5 Vento diesel cars with manual transmission that are affected while the ones with DSG automatic transmission and all diesel variants of Polo are said to comply with the emission norms.

The sales and distribution of the 1.5-litre Vento diesel cars with manual transmission are on hold at the moment.

At the end of November, Volkswagen had decided to voluntarily recall 323,700 cars with EA 189 engines, in connection with the global crises.

The aim was to bring cars in India in line with the latest technical updates on the EA 189 diesel engines announced by Volkswagen AG for the European markets. 

Volkswagen Group India is in the process of implementation of technical updates in accordance with the timelines presented to the authorities.