Volkswagen India exported 185,000 cars from Pune plant in five years

Volkswagen India has shipped over 185,000 cars made at its Pune plant to about 35 countries around the globe over the past five years.

“Volkswagen set up its Indian operations especially for the domestic market and we still continue to focus primarily on our local customers and their demands,” said Dr Andreas Lauermann, president and MD, Volkswagen India.
“However, with fluctuations in the domestic demand and the currency exchange, it became necessary for us to establish a second strong leg of our operations here in India.”

Since a Volkswagen made anywhere in the world follows the same quality and engineering standards, the company was able to impress several export markets and create a demand there with cars built in India, he added on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of its exports from its Pune plant.

“The acceptance and rising demand from a variety of markets and consumers from Asia to America stands a testimony to the global standards and state-of-the-art manufacturing that we undertake here at the Pune Plant,” added Lauermann.

In 2011, when it first began exporting from India, overseas sales accounted for just 6.4 per cent of the production in Pune. This has now shot up to 55 per cent.