Volkswagen Group to recall 3,23,700 cars across brands in India

Volkswagen Groups cup of woes has been overflowing ever since the global emissions scandal involving its cars came to light earlier this year. Volkswagen Group has now announced that they will be recalling a total of 3,23,700 cars across it's brands sold here. The recall would take the total tally to 11 million vehicles globally.

  The individual breakup as shared by the manufacturer pegs the numbers as 1,98,500 vehicles for Volkswagen making it the largest contributor. Skoda comes in second with 88,700 cars while Audi shall see about 36,500 cars being recalled here. The EA189 engine family that has been at the centre of the troubles has been a popular one in the country. It spans a wide range of displacements, starting from the 1.2 litre diesel and going higher to include the 1.5 litre, 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre engines.

Reports indicate that the German marque has been in talks with the Heavy Industries Ministry and the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) on the possible ways to best tackle this controversy. Once approval comes through from both authorities on the path to be taken, a detailed, step-wise plan shall be rolled out across all the sub-brands affected. As for the customers affected by the said recall, they need not worry. Theyll receive official communication regarding the same, detailing the procedure and schedule for fixing their cars. All costs associated with the rectification shall be borne by the respective manufacturers. Meanwhile, customers can go about enjoying their cars as they have been, since the said cars are fully certified and roadworthy.

A total of 11 million cars are affected by the emissions troubles around the world. Volkswagen are working actively to ensure that every one of them shall be made compliant with existing norms. The measures taken vary according to the specific engines affected and include both, software updates as well as changes to the engine hardware. From an Indian perspective, the Volkswagen Group recall would be the largest ever the country has witnessed, surpassing even the earlier one by Honda involving faulty airbags in its cars.

Source : MotorOctane