Vintage Classic Car club of India Rally 2006


People and cars from the Vintage & Classic Car club of India rally in Mumbai

Model: Manvendra Singh Barwani / Rolls-Royce 20 HP 
Year of manufacture: 1952 / 1929 
What are they doing here: Automotive historian and restorer, Manvendra was one of the judges at the event. Fali Dhondy's 20 HP Roller was one of the cars he liked

Model: Hemant Kanoria with his wife / Chevrolet Impala 
Year of manufacture: 1954 / 1961 
What are they doing here: Kanoria owns some amazing and diverse cars, from the Smart to this
all-American classic

Model: Jim Aga / Buick 8 Series 40
Year of manufacture: 1955 / 1938
What are they doing here: Jim Aga is from the VCCCP and came all the way from Karachi to be one of the judges at the event. Though he is seen here with Nandkishor Zaveri’s rumble-seat Buick roadster, the photo he treasures is the one in which he is with Jackie Shroff

Model: Mohsin Ikram / Lancia Sport
Year of manufacture: 1964 / 1932
What are they doing here: Mohsin is the founder and president of the Vintage & Classic Car Club of Pakistan. He was invited by the VCCCI to be on the jury for this event. Back in Karachi, Mohsin has
a V12 1947 Lincoln Continental and a 1965 Ford Mustang. Here he is with one of the show favourites, the sporty Lancia belonging to Harit Trivedi

Model: Zavary and Yohan Poonawalla / Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II 
Year of manufacture: 1943 & 1972 / 1961
What are they doing here: Purveyors of fine British automobiles like Bentleys
and Rolls-Royces, including the new Phantom, the Poonawallas’ immaculately maintained Silver Cloud II has a V8 paired to an automatic gearbox and power everything

Model: Arvind Swadi / Ferrari 308 GTS
Year of manufacture: 1962 / 1980
What are they doing here: Arvind takes care of Fali Dhondy’s bunch of classic cars. In fact, the red paint of the 308 came from Arvind’s paint booth

Model: Anil Ovalekar / Buick McLaughlin 
Year of manufacture: 1950 / 1926  
What are they doing here: Anil is the guy who takes care of the cars from the Vijay Mallya collection. This Buick is one of the few in India which was assembled in Canada 

Model: Jackie Shroff / Rolls-Royce Phantom 
Year of manufacture: 2006 (that’s what he said) / 2006 
What are they doing here: ‘Why are you taking a picture of me with a new car in a vintage and classic car rally?,’ asked the Hero. Jackie is an auto buff and is a regular fixture at this event. Navnit Motors’
Sharad Kachalia brought along the new baby to show people that even this Rolls
is a classic

Model: Barry Curtis / Porsche 356
Year of manufacture: 1939 / 1965
What are they doing here: Barry is a specialist in restoring Porsche 356s and he was brought down from the UK by the owner of the 356 before the VCCCI rally

Beauty and the beast: Sorry for that cliché, but we leave it up to you to decide which is the beauty and which is the beast: Fali Dhondy’s 1980 Ferrari 308 GTS or Hormusji Cama’s 1946 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith. What a contrast!

Model: Great Dane
Year of manufacture: 2005!
What is it doing here: The canine is called Lusso, as in Ferrari. So it had better be here

Feeling Wolseley: The oldest car of the show, the 1919 Wolseley had interiors that would befit an English manor. Part of the  Vijay Mallya  collection, it also had a snake-tube to honk and scare pedestrians away

SLworld: The Mercedes-Benz 190SL borrowed all the right cues from its legendary big brother, the 300SL, except on the performance front. Powered by a 120 bhp 1900cc inline-four, the 190SL was unfairly dismissed as a ladies’ roadster. This mint Merc belongs to Hormusji Cama

Major Minor : No vintage and classic car event in India is complete without a few Morris Minors. Shamun Karachiwala’s 1949 Minor speeds off after being flagged off. These doughty bread-and-butter British cars were quite popular in our country, mainly because of their indefatigable engines and their ability to take on our terrain