Vikram Mathias wins Rally of Maharashtra


Red Rooster Racing's Vikram Mathias took his first win of the season with victory at the  tarmac stages at Nashik in the Rally of Maharashtra.

Mathias and co-driver PVS Murthy have become the fourth different winners in this year's championship (Amittrajit Ghosh won the opening round in Coimbatore, Arjun Balu took victory at Bangalore and Gaurav Gill snagged the third round at Kolkata).

“This win is very special to me. I have driven much harder than I did here yesterday when I lost about 90 seconds when the fuel line came loose. To make up the lost time in such a short period only showed that we were on pace and what we are capable of,” said Mathias.

Gill, who was leading the championship going into the fourth round, suffered a broken driveshaft on the first day of the rally, leading to retirement. Rejoining the rally in Leg 2, it was a series of unfortunate incidents for the MRF driver, with a puncture in the first Special Stage, a car stuck in first gear for a stretch of 5km in the day's concluding stage.

Overall/2000cc (N+)
1. Vikram Mathias / PVS Murthy (Red Rooster Racing) (1hr, 23mins, 12secs)
2. Arjun Balu / Sujith Kumar BS (Team MRF) (1:25:02)
3. Arjun Rao Aroor / Satish Rajagopal (Team MRF) (1:26:39).

1600cc (Maruti Baleno)
1. Joseph C Jos / Royce Kizhakoodan (DDL Sports) (1:30:19)
2. Sujay Suresh / Varun Satyanarayan (1:31:11)
3. Rahul Kanthraj / Vivek Bhatt  (1:32:39).

1400cc (MPFI Esteem)
1. Vikram Devadasen / Nikhil Pai (1:30:43)
2. Byram Godrej / Raymond Desouza) (1:32:41)
3. Shailendar Hegde / Sheraz Ahmed (1:34:25).

Rally Star Cup (Carbureted Esteem)
1. Karna Kadur / Somonita Ghosh (Red Rooster Racing) (1:32:05)
2. Balram CG / Raghuram CG (1:37:30)
3. Phalguna Urs / Anoop Kumar (1:37:30)

Gypsy Cup
1. Sandeep Sharma / Anmol Rampal (Team Thunderbolt) (1:35:29)
2. Kushwant Randhawa / Vinay Shekar (1:37:27)
3. Akash Agarwal / Pradeep Mhasar (1:39:12)