VCCCI Rally 2007


KO’d: After many years, J M Chudasama’s 1934 Mercedes-Benz 500 K graced this year’s event. It was undoubtedly the ‘star’ of the show. The 500 K, with its 5014cc straight-eight in normally aspirated mode, produced around 100 horsepower. Engaging the supercharger for short bursts took it up to 160 horses! The 500 K and its successor, the 540 K, received some of the most gorgeous coachwork of all time. Irphan Mogul’s’ 1964 Fiat is not ordinary. Noticed where the driver is? A flawlessly restored 1947 Indian Chief stood out amongst the motorcycle crowd. Norton Dominators were noticed by their presence! Never have so many Dommies been seen together before. Our own Nandu’s day is made. He fulfilled his dream of pushing a Ferrari, the 1985 Mondial

Continental breakfast: The sight of a brilliantly restored 1948 Lincoln Continental can fill you up. This car too belongs to J M Chudasama, and was making its outing after years. The Continental, which started life as a customised one-off for Edsel Ford in 1939, got this guise when production restarted after WWII. A sublime V12 motor powers it. Vijay Mallya’s 1972 Maserati Indy too made its appearance after a long time. The Indy was first built in 1968 to celebrate the Trident’s two victories at the Indy 500. The unusual sight of a giant 1940s Chrysler sandwiched by two low-slung Ferraris. That’s Mumbai’s police commissioner A N Roy, pretty chuffed about piloting a proper eight-cylinder Buick. He was hauled up by the cops later for speeding and driving without seatbelts... yeah, sure