V12 Quad. Period.


Talk about going nuts. Throw in a 6-litre supercharged V12 (you read that right) into a Batman-esque quad bike, bolt on some slicks, minimal bodywork and you have the other-worldly, certified mental Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12. Bazooka should’ve been a better name, we think. And contrary to your thoughts right now about it being just a trailer queen, it does actually run! And how! [Check out the video in our Videos section soon]. The brave dude who dares drive it, basically sits on top of a massive V12 with some wheels sticking out at places. The sound of that BMW V-12 is simply marvelous and you can imagine what that kind of power will do to a not-so-heavy quad. It runs on bio-ethanol which results in about 500 of those hp units!  It’s not mental, this is way beyond mental. Seeing their incredible previous work, we always knew there was something not quite right about those Frenchies at Lazareth. They’re at the border between gifted and nutty and as history has shown us, they cross into either side quite freely. The have some truly incredible work, in terms of concept, looks and engineering. Now though, they’ve almost certainly lost it. They have a 100-bhp limit for motorcycles in France and then, they go ahead makes stuff like this. NUTTER quads for NUTTER dudes!