Unveiled! Jaguar F-Type roadster!


This is far from an ideal setting for Jaguar. They've been playing hide-n-seek with car enthusiasts for months, finally letting loose an 'aesthetically camouflaged' F-type at Goodwood this year and now, just one week before the official unveiling of the F-Type roadster, a leaked image spoiled Jaguar's party. That said, Jaguar has nothing to worry about - the F-Type roadster looks drop-dead gorgeous.

The F-Type roadster, to give you a bit of history, was first announced at the New York motor show. Jaguar Cars Global Brand Director Adrian Hallmark, who made the announcement said the company was extremely thrilled by the response the C-X16 concept had received and that it would only be appropriate that a thoroughbred, on the same lines as Jag's legendary C, D and E-Type sports cars, be produced. As you can see in this sole image, Jag has done a good job. While it doesn't look entirely bonkers - no Jag ever does anyway - it's got all the right aspirational elements. Those split intake vents compliment the hunkered down grille really well, and a closer look at the headlamp cluster reveals a smart LED strip running alongside the main projector lamp. The hood gets its share of scoops and a power bulge down the centre and for those who think the F-Type looks a bit too composed, did you forget Jaguar's 'R' tradition? That's coming, too! Oh, and don't miss those sharp, tailfin-esque rear flanks, while you're still gaping.

Also making its debut in the F-Type is a new 3.0-litre supercharged V6, rumoured to be present in two power ratings - 340 and 380 bhp. This engine will be present alongside a differently-specced version of Jag's current 5.0-litre V8 motor. Both motors will get be mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox although rumours suggest Jag might even offer a dual-clutch gearbox, or even a manual (can you believe it?), on the R version. Now to wait for official figures and more on the technology behind the F-Type! It's only a week away, anyway!