Unveiled: 2014 Jaguar XFR-S


So just what is the XFR-S's claim to fame then? Well, the Jaguar XFR-S is the most powerful sedan that has ever emerged from the leaping cat's stable. That's enough reason for us to get excited then.

The XFR-S comes powered by a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine, yes the same one that does duty in the XKR-S. This also means that it makes the XKR look tamer by 40 bhp exactly. This is good for a 0-97 kph run in 4.4 seconds. And to ensure that the folks at Green Peace aren't frothing at the mouth, they have added a stop/start system to the car to ensure it's not as heavy an oil drinker as it could be.



There are more parts that find their way onto the XFR-S from the XKR-S's parts bin. The upgraded front and rear suspension, the straight pipes from the exhaust, six-spoke wheels and more. Jaguar also claims to have made the XFR-S 30 per cent stiffer than it's tamer sibling, revamped the electronics to ensure that the car handles even better. Throttle response has also been worked on to ensure the car responds better.

And the meat's not all on the inside. This Jaguar looks just as good on the outside as well. From the front bumper which is much deeper, to the large side intakes and that carbon fibre splitter. "The extended side sills and aero blade molding behind the front wheels serve to create a sharp break-off point between the lower bodywork and the road surface in order to keep the airflow attached to the car's sides for as long as possible," says the press release from Jaguar. Not to mention that it looks good too!

The interiors have carbon-printed leather and an 18-speaker Meridian audio system.

Expect this one to hit the showrooms in the first quarter of 2013. Prices will start at $99,000 (that's Rs 54.77 lakh, excluding duties). Start saving up, folks.