Unplanned road divider blocks in busy Mumbai suburb cause damages to cars

February 10, 2016: Driving on Mumbai roads, even during the best of times, is like running an obstacle course. Dug-up roads, hawkers selling stuff on pavements, which forces pedestrians on to the busy arteries, and handcarts and in some places even bullock-carts slowing down traffic.

But residents of Lokhandwala complex, one of the busiest localities in the metropolis, are now finding divider blocks, placed haphazardly on the roads, a major inconvenience. Many motorists have run over the blocks, which have damaged their vehicles.

According to Dhaval Shah, founder, Lokhandwala-Oshiwara Citizens Association, there are three places along the busy main road of Lokhandwala complex where road divider blocks have been dislodged and pose a threat to motorists.

One motorist claims that his Volkswagen Jetta sustained severe damages and he had to spend almost Rs30,000 on repairs because of the haphazardly placed blocks. Motorists complain that despite paying hefty taxes – and even fees at half a dozen entry points to Mumbai – the civic body has failed in ensuring safety on the roads.