TVS Wego, Bajaj Avenger score the highest- JD Power Ratings

Nearly three-fourths (70%) of initial quality problems reported by two-wheeler owners in India are experienced in the engine, fit and finish, lights/electricals and brakes categories, according to the inaugural J.D. Power 2015 India Two-Wheeler Initial Quality Study (2WIQS) Study released today.

The study measures problems owners experience with their new two-wheeler during the first two to six months of ownership. It examines 138 problem symptoms covering seven two-wheeler problem categories: engine; brakes; lights/electricals; fit and finish; ride and handling; transmission; and gauges and controls. All problems are summarized as the number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100). Lower PP100 scores indicate a lower rate of problem incidence and therefore higher initial quality.

Many reported problems impact vehicle usage and varied driving conditions. Therefore, OEMs need to focus on these issues to improve performance quality and enhance vehicle safety and visibility, said Mohit Arora, executive director, J.D. Power Asia Pacific. The Two-Wheeler Initial Quality Study provides the industry with key information about customer expectations and establishes a benchmark to measure performance against the competition.

The two-wheeler models surveyed in this study were classified into Scooters and Motorcycles. Scooters include two model segments: Economy and Executive, while Motorcycles include five model segments: Economy, Executive, Upper Executive, Premium and Premium Plus.
TVS Wego The study finds that 80 percent of two-wheeler owners use their vehicle for daily commuting, averaging about 40 kilometers per day. Given this high usage, nearly one-third (27%) of two-wheeler owners have reported mileage/ fuel economy as the top main reason to purchase a new two-wheeler.

For Scooters, TVS Wego (84 PP100) ranks highest among executive models. For Motorcycles, Hero Splendor iSmart ranks highest among economy models with 101 PP100, and Hero Super Splendor ranks highest among executive models with 137 PP100. Yamaha Fazer ranks highest among upper executive models (109 PP100) and Bajaj Avenger ranks highest among premium models (88 PP100).

The 2015 India Two-Wheeler Initial Quality Study (2WIQS) is based on evaluations from 10,285 vehicle owners who purchased a new vehicle between March 2014 and October 2014. The study includes 81 two-wheeler models from nine makes. The study was fielded from September 2014 to December 2014 in 45 cities across India.

Source : MotorOctane