TVS Motor gets patent related to headlamp mounting arrangement


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  TVS Motor has received patent protection for its innovation related to a headlamp mounting arrangement, which may save against potential damage the conventional headlamp may cause to the front cover of the vehicle.


This is expected to improve the life of the front portion of the two-wheeler and may result in saving repairing cost. The company claims that the structure will improve the lifespan of the fixtures in the front cover of the motorcycle.

Conventionally, a headlamp assembly is mounted on a handlebar of a motorcycle, in a front cover which contains other signaling devices, while the controls are in a rear cover. The headlamp assembly fixtures are usually made of plastic or such other material and a substantial weight of the headlamp is sustained by the assembly fixtures and front cover. The durability of the lugs and the front cover are adversely affected because of this and in the long run, it may slacken and even break in extreme cases, leading to the dismantling of the headlamp assembly, says the company in the patent filing.

With the claimed invention in technology, the load of the headlamp assembly is transferred to the handlebar of the motorcycle using a sheet bracket, eliminating the possibility of any breakage of fixtures, such as the lugs or the front cover, it added. This can also be applied in three-wheeled vehicles, all terrain vehicles and other vehicles with more than two wheels, it added. The Patent Office in Chennai, after hearing the matter, said that the patent application meets the objections raised in the first examination report and it is found to be in order for grant of patent.