TVS Apache RTR 160 vs Yamaha FZ 16 - 160 degree turn


This is the battle for the 150 cc crown. When it comes to aesthetics, the FZ manages to make the RTR look like it belongs to an earlier generation. The FZ is all about muscular style, which can be further accentuated by adding the optional accessories that Yamaha offers. However, the RTR is not a bad looker by itself; the racing stripe and top-notch finish to make it stand apart from the regular 150 cc crowd. The RTR beats the FZ hollow once you hit the road, thanks to its more powerful engine. The FZ has good mid-range power due to its engine/gearing/exhaust setup, which makes it fun in the urban environment. On the highway, the RTR has a distinct advantage over the FZ. Handling-wise, you have a choice between a solid cycle parts package that is the FZ which is sure and predictable, while the RTR is more flickable and razor-like, making it more challenging to ride. The front discs of both bikes are good enough to pull massive stoppies on, though the RTR's 270 mm unit does offer a bit more feel. Want to look cool? The FZ. Want something a bit more feral in a fun way? The RTR is it.