Trails of India enters retail segment with new range of products for bikers

Trails of India, which started as a crowd-sourced social platform for the bikers’ community, has now entered the retail segment releasing a complete new range of products for biking enthusiasts.

The latest merchandise section comprises safety gear, gadgets and the right tyres for superbikes, bringing together inventory from world-renowned brands like Alpinestars, AGV, Scala, Diesel and Michelin.

With the latest development, ardent bikers can also avail the Pilot Road 3, Road 4 and Sirac Street from Michelin. All these products, carrying the authenticity and assurance of Trails of India, can be ordered online with cash on delivery option and will be delivered within 7 days all across India.

Dedicated to making biking fun, social and safe, Trails of India is also offering exciting offers on the purchase of the latest merchandise section.

“We have really enjoyed bringing Trails of India alive, creating a reverberating community for bikers to interact amongst themselves, plan bike trips together and grow their relationships,” said Ambika Sharma, founder of Pulp Strategy and Trails of India. “The latest inclusion of world-class merchandising is set to address the challenge of availability of aftermarket inclusion. We are hopeful the new range of products will make a biker’s life easier, making highly needed safety gear and gadgets available all across India.”

Being accessed by 20,000+ new bikers on a daily basis, Trails of India is the ideal destination for sharing and growing interest in biking and tours.