Traffic roulette


The latest automaker keen on helping keep traffic jams down is Honda, with a system they call the congestion minimizer system. The basic concept behind this is that it controls your acceleration and deceleration rates so that by the time you actually get to that stationary car in front of you, it will start moving again, thus keeping you in motion, albeit slowly, instead of having to stop and start every few seconds.

Mercedes, too, with their radar guided cruise control system tries to do something similar, but neither of these systems will work for us. Nope, we're bound to get stuck in jams no matter what. In fact, a system like this would send you traveling in the other direction. I do try this from time to time, hang back from the car in front of me for a while so that I don't have to come to a complete stop, but you know what, every single time I tried it, someone or the other cut in front of me, leaving me exactly where I was with a slightly longer traffic jam in front.

To get anywhere in a hurry here, you're going to have to stick with tailgating the person in-front in heavy traffic so as to not let someone else cut you off, that's for sure. I'd rather not be driving so close to the person in front of me that I can smell their perfume, for safety and other reasons, but alas, it is a way of life if you actually want to get somewhere.