Toyota Innova vs Mahindra Xylo - People and movers

Toyota Innova is one car that we used to recommend with our eyes shut till the Mahindra Xylo came along. The Innova is a capable people mover with the kind of refinement and reliability levels that can be compared to any modern day car. It is powered by a diesel engine that is frugal too. If you can afford the extra money, it is the Innova that you should buy – period. That said, Mahindra has ensured that you won’t miss much if you end up buying the more affordable Xylo. It has better utilisation of space and it can tackle bad roads better. It is rugged like a SUV and handles tarmac better than, say, the Scorpio. And yes, the Xylo motor is quicker off the block compared to the Innova too. What Toyota offers and Mahindra does not are the safety features like ABS and airbags – not even in top end models. But you cannot ignore the VFM package that the Xylo represents. Our choice? Toyota Innova (though the Xylo did beat the Innova in our Head-to-Head shootout)