Tork Motorcycles to unveil India's first electric motorcycle by year end

Tork Motorcycles has announced that its first electric two-wheeler - T6X- will be unveiled towards the end of this year. Production for T6X could commence in the first quarter of 2017.

Tork Motorcycles is a familiar name among racing aficionados, which was earlier known as Tork India. Recently, this Pune-based company raised funds from angel investors including the founders of Ola cabs Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati, along with a group of angels led by Harpreet Grover, co-founder & CEO of CoCubes, to build electric motorcycles in India.

After building five successful prototypes so far, Tork Motorcycles is looking to build its sixth bike and first mass-market electric motorcycle in the form of the T6X.

Tork says that T6X is being developed as a serious electric option to petrol-engined motorcycles. In terms of specifications, Tork Motorcycles claims that the T6X will have a range of 100 km on a single charge and will come equipped with features like cloud connectivity, phone charging as well as GPS.

The all-digital display unit will be providing the relevant information to the rider, while also showing diagnostics and maintenance details. The cloud connectivity feature will also provide details about the nearest charging station, the company promises.

Tork Motorcycles is currently in the process of creating the first prototype and the consequent certification procedures. The first sketches for the T6X were created nine months ago and the company is clearly at a fast pace with the development of the motorcycle. A lot of Tork's experience in racing has also been incorporated in the development of the new T6X.

Currently, the T6X is undergoing rigorous testing and certification procedures, and the company plans to have a fully working prototype ready by the end of this year. The production ready version of the T6X is slated to be launched early next year.