The Triumph is here

The legendary British bike comes to India. Which one of these will be yours?

Capacity: 865cc
Gearbox: 5-speed
Oil capacity: 4.5L
Length: 2115mm
Width handlebars: 790
Height without mirror: 1130mm
Seat height: 740mm
Wheelbase: 1490mm
Max power: ec68PS @ 7500
Max torque: ec68NM @ 5800
Price: Rs 5.7 lakh

Capacity: 2294cc
Gearbox: 5-speed
Oil capacity: 5.9L
Length: 2500mm
Width handlebars: 970
Height without mirror: 1165mm
Seat height: 750mm
Wheelbase: 1695mm
Max power: ec148PS @ 5750
Max torque: ec221NM @ 2750
Price: Rs 20 lakh

Capacity: 1699cc
Gearbox: 6-speed constant mesh, helical type 2nd - 6th
Oil capacity: 4.2L
Length: 2340mm
Width handlebars: 880
Height without mirror: 1120mm
Seat height: 700mm
Wheelbase: 1615mm
Max power: ec98PS @ 5200
Max torque: ec156NM @ 2950
Price: Rs 13 lakh

Capacity: 675cc
Gearbox: 6-speed, close ratio
Oil capacity: 3.6L
Length: 2045mm
Width handlebars: 695
Height without mirror: 1112mm
Seat height: 830mm
Wheelbase: 1375mm
Max power: ec128PS @ 12500
Max torque: ec74NM @ 11900
Price: Rs 11.4 lakh