The men & their machines


It's my third Auto Expo, and trust me while the machines are getting spicier by the edition, it is the men (and women) who are a part of bringing it to life that really have caught my interest in this edition.

Listening to Anand Mahindra speak so fervently about his company's new truck venture just a day before the Expo left not just me, but the entire hall raptured. His eloquence certainly left most captivated, but he truly felt that Mahindra has finally come to its rightful place under the automotive sun. The fact is the company now straddles every part of the automotive spectrum, yet he is hungry for more. It goes without a doubt that Mahindra's success in India has boiled down to getting its basics in place and then building up on it. From the 49-tonne trucks to the 1-tonne Maxximo, you really get to see how the company has progressed in terms of technology.

Another interesting conversation with the design team at Honda cars made it two-out-of-two. My questions and their answers may have been lost in translation, but in the end there was some sense of what their new small car was all about. It is a bold design, even if it's a concept and it's got all the right signals written all over it. Looks can be a differentiator if the market will be over-crowded with small cars, and Honda trying something different could help their cause.

Am sure, this is just the beginning and as days pass I will meet more people who will catch my fancy.

It was meant to be a Press Day, except that I could see more kids, more non-media and "not required" people around. Can't SIAM, CII and the organisers just be more careful about these things? I mean how difficult is it to screen people and their identities? It happens every Expo and it's only gotten worse over the years. Kids fighting for BMW and Audi press kits, where they are more interested in the pen-drives and other goodies rather than 'covering' an event.